Does the bot software work on Linux/MAC?

The software works on all Windows operating systems that have Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or latest. You can also run the bot on VPS or dedicated servers that have Windows.

Software does not work on Mac, Linux, iPad, mobile devices, tablet or any other similar devices.

This is a betting bot software that should have reliable internet connection (cable connection recommended) and a fast computer.

Is there a way of being able to utilise your strategy on other software?

Yes there are various other bots available in the market that allows you to take advantage of our strategy. Although the step by step guide is specific to the bot we use, but the strategy stays the same obviously.

How easy is it to follow the set-up guide and how long does it take to set up? 

The guide is a simple step by step process to get set up. This can be done in the space of an hour max. You can then start generating profits that day.

Does the bot software come at an added expense?

Yes, you get a free no obligation 7 day free trial of the software. It is then £59.95 for the year or a very reasonable £89.95 for lifetime usage.

Does the software go in play?

No the Greyhound strategy is pre race.

What trading bank would you recommend using? 

I would recommend a bank of £1000 ideally but this can work with £200, however is much more difficult and therefore recommend £1000.

What are your liabilities when placing the bets on the software?

The liabilities vary dependant on the price you take. But to a profit of £20 per race the liability was no more than £100.

What is the strike rate for the system used?

Currently it operates at an 80% winning strike rate.

Do you have losing days? 

Yes of course, we do have losing days however over the course of a month the system is profitable.