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    A complete step by step setup guide into one of our most profitable systems! Giving you the knowledge to make money without watching the markets! Want that feeling of checking back on your account at the end of the day to profits? We love the elation and I am sure you will as well! Not only that I have now created a specific staking plans that I use to maintain profits. This is the perfect guide to up your profits once you are comfortable on how the system operates.     CURRENTLY THE BOT SOFTWARE IS NOT MAC COMPATIBLE BUT WE ARE WORKING ON THIS_ However there are other bots than can be utilised other than the one we recommend.
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    Greyhound System III

    This system has been specifically designed for individuals who have utilised the original system in both formats. This takes nothing away from the original strategy, it simply gives you the flexibility of an alternative system that can prove profitable for you as well. The strategy has been back tested and has been profitable and is slightly more selective than the original strategy.  
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