Automated System Builder

Works in the background so you don’t have to do anything

The system builders that we create are specifically designed systems that integrates into the automated software that we provide you. These systems have been tested over a number of years and tweaked to give you the best results consistently. Our systems are also fully compatible with other bot software such as BetAngel. 

Once set up you can watch your money grow whilst you carry on doing your normal daily routine. We are always looking at ways to improve our systems with the ever changing times, to benefit you.. the customer.

Upon purchasing our ebooks you will receive a step by step guide to how the system builder works and how to get your Betfair set up to have the bot running automatically. You can then happily watch your profits mount. Not only that you will receive further information on different strategies and how these work. We will always be available to help and guide anyone about anything relating to Betfair trading, not just the greyhound systems. 

We have a community telegram group setup where all our members interact and the friendly vibe is ideal for those just starting out that may need that additional help. 


Start your journey now

Have been using this system for a couple of months now, the set up guide is simple and easy to follow and the results are fantastic. If only I had found this system sooner! I go out and come back to profits daily, what’s not to like!?

Paul M

The integrity and execution of the system created by these people is truly phenomenal. The bot runs in the background whilst I care to my other hobby of gardening. This is a professionally design plan that consistently delivers me profits, great work.

Phil P

I am always looking for an easier way of investing my hard earned into something that can work for me. This is one of the best I have come across, simple and fully effective.